• wireless network setup
  • ​wired network setup
  • ​run cabling
  • troubleshooting
  • ​network cabling
  • ​network security

​​IT  Services

Computer / Laptop

  •  repair  , clean  PC (remove dust buildup, clean fans, tidy cabling )
  • diagnostics
  • ​software install
  • ​add new devices
  • hardware upgrades​                                    hard drive, memory, video etc
  • antivirus install, virus removal
  • ​data backup to HDD, USB, CD,DVD

* computer/laptop can be

  • dropped off and picked up after service is complete
  • picked up from site and returned to site

* some computer service involves extended service times - eg  diagnostics, virus remediation, data backup - and may require unit to be taken off customer site

Other IT

  • security camera install
  • ​monitor residence, business from remote computer or smartphone